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07 Jan 2013

Exciting Collaboration For Celtic Connections

We're delighted to tell you that a collaboration that Martin has been working on since last year, is getting it's first public, festival performance at this year's prestigious Celtic Connections festival.
Arieb Azhar, singer and guitarist from Pakistan, is immersed in the traditional music of his own country, which combined with his deep understanding of Balkan and gypsy music, gives him a style that is uniquely his. Martin, as you will know, is one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, combining the diverse elements of British, Afro-American and old-timey music.
Together the music they produce is spellbinding. Martin’s banjo takes on sitar-like qualities against the richness of Arieb’s voice. The interplay of their two guitars creates a sparkling musical texture, exploring new territory, while echoing the past and drawing on their traditional roots.
This collaboration is the result of a partnership between the British Council and The Sage Gateshead.

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