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29 Jan 2014

Goodbye To One Of The Best, Pete Seeger

We are all very sad at Simpsonian Music, to hear of the death of the wonderful Pete Seeger, but also very thankful for his extremely full and productive life, which influenced and brought much joy to us all. We feel extremely lucky to have had him as inspiration throughout our lives and thankful that he passed away peacefully, with loving family beside him, from a life that he put so much into.
"Pete Seeger was one of the most inspirational human beings of my lifetime" said Martin earlier. "He was the man who first brought my attention to the five string banjo, indeed he wrote the first banjo instruction book of the Folk Revival. He was a great musician who used his music in such an apparently simple and direct way that his musicality was almost overlooked. His belief in humanity was deeply moving. He responded to injustice, violence, oppression and inequality by promoting peace and understanding. He had sparkling intelligence and great ability as a speaker and communicator. His response to the McCarthy investigations is one of the great American statements of the 20th Century and to me, he was massively influential in his hugely active part in Civil Rights and Union matters, environmental conservation and in his opposition to big industry.
Throughout his career he reached out to children and his recordings of children's songs and concerts remain shining and influential and beautiful, bringing on new generations. He was, for me, enormously important as a singer, a player, a political animal and a lovely human being. He has also been that for my daughter since she was very, very young and that is a legacy for which I'm extremely grateful. RIP Pete Seeger and thank you, with all my heart."

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