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01 Jan 2010

Martin wins Live Ireland Music Awards Instrumental Track of 2010

We're over the moon to announce that Swooping Molly from Martin Simpson’s, "True Stories" has won Instrumental Track of the Year in The Livies liveIreland Music Awards 2010. No Irish music Awards are so quickly spread around the world, nor so massively read about, thanks to the incredible reach of LiveIreland, an internet radio and TV site based in Dublin. They say ..."This is a musician and singer who has been so great for so long that it is easy to take him for granted. A mistake. This new album is wondrous. He is a great singer, writer and guitar player. There is no one in the business who so perfectly melds his guitar work and voice together. His voice is lovely, his playing intricately nuanced and his writing is a thing of beauty. All this comes together and makes Martin Simpson eligible for virtually every Award we give. So, let’s give him this one. Small thanks, indeed, for all he has given us." Thank you, LiveIreland! Go to to see and hear more.

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Vagrant Stanzas
Vagrant Stanzas
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Purpose & Grace
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Martin Simpson: Prodigal Son, The Concert
Martin Simpson: Prodigal Son, The Concert
DVD, 2009

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