Martin Simpson


06 Sep 2014

Woolley Festival This Weekend

Hi all, we're sorry to report that we've just heard from other musicians who are booked to play at Woolley Festival that there are problems there. We are trying to contact the organisers to get clarification but we would advise people who are planning to travel to the event, to contact the Festival first to check the situation. As it stands currently, there are questions over whether Martin's - and other artist's - contracts will be fulfilled and in that situation he would not be able to appear. All of us at Simpsonian Music, including Martin himself who is currently on the road, are really sorry that fans may be let down who are planning on going to see him there tomorrow. If the situation changes, we will of course let you know through the website and social media as soon as possible, but please do check with the festival itself before making any decisions to travel or not..

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